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Migrafix combo


Avyay Wellness brings this amazing Migrafix Combo. It consists of Tablets + Roll-on which has been carefully formulated to combat all types of headaches, provides relief, improves blood circulation. We care about your health and do not compromise on quality. Our herbal supplements only use the highest quality ingredients, proudly manufactured in India, in strict GMP approved facilities. The Migrafix Roll on is designed with Unique blend of 8 herbal essential oils like lavender oil, rose marry oil, Chamomile oil, lemon grass oil, Brahmi oil & peppermint oil to provide instant relief from Migraine, Headache or Stress.

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v  Benefits of Migrafix combo

•    Relieves headache and migraine pain naturally
•    Prevents migraine headache naturally
•    Reduces stress, tension and anxiety

   v   Ingredients

Migrafix Tablets
Tanacetum Parthnium ext. Petasites Burber ext, Salix Alba, Ginger ext, Ashwagandha ext., Brahmi ext, Piperrine ext, Chamomile, Gokshuru ext, Tagar ext, Yarrow, Tea Berry, Mullein ext, Jatamansi, Sarpgandha ext, Dong Quai ext, Lavender ext.
 Size: 60 tablets

Migrafix Roll on
Rosemary oil 15.4%, Lavender Oil 15.4%, Chamomile Oil 12%, Peppermint oil 10%, Pudina oil 10%, Mentha Oil 10%, Sandalwood Oil 10%, Eucalyptus Oil 8%, Eucalyptus Oil 8%, Henbane Oil 8%, Till oil q.s.


v   How to use?
As directed by the physician.


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