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Leucofix syp+Granules combo


This combination will prove to be a boon to every girl who is suffering with issues related with reproductive system like Leucorrhea, irregular menstrual cycle, pain in lower abdomen or back & so on. This leucofix Syrup + Granules combo is a powerful combination of herbs that normalizes monthly cycles in females. Leucofix is a non-hormonal based preparation for menstrual disorders. It works by stopping the growth of microorganisms and killing the existing ones that cause the infection. This combo contains no side effects, no harmful chemicals, 100% cruelty & toxins – free.

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vBenefits of Leucofix Syrup + Granules Combo

•    Strengthens Endometrium and promotes maturation of Follicles
•    Contains combination of time tested Ayurvedic ingredients
•    Balances the hormonal secretion & Reduces inflammation

v Ingredients

Each Leucofix Granules contains: Ashoka Dry 350mg, Lodhra 350mg, Dhaiphool 300mg, Shatavari 350mg, Ashwagandha 300mg,Shankh Bhasma 300mg, Jatamansi 300mg, Gokhru 300mg, Anmrasti 250mg, Daruhaldi 300mg, Amla 350mg, Fenugreek 300mg, coriander Seed 300mg, Walnut Leaves 250mg, Chopchini 350mg, Kaishore Guggulu 350mg

Size: 100GM PACK

Each Bottle of Leucofix syrup contains: Ashok 300mg, Lodhra 300mg, Dhaiphool 250mg, Shtavar 300mg, Ashwagandha 250mg, Shankh Bhasam 250mg, Jatamani 250mg, Gokhru 250mg, Aamrasti 250mg, Daruhaldi 250mg, Amla 300mg, Fenugrik 250mg, Coriander Seed 250mg, Walnut leaves 200mg, Chopchini 300mg, Kishor Guggal 300mg

Size : 200ML PACK

How to use?

Leucofix Syrup:

2 Teaspoonful after meal or as directed by the physician.

Leucofix Granules

As directed by the physician.


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