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Diabefix Kwath + Tablet combo


Avyay Wellness brings extensive range of herbal medications for improving your health in a better way with this amazing Diabefix Kwath+ Tablet combo. This combo effectively controls blood sugar levels. It is enriched with the goodness of powerful ayurvedic herbs like Fenugreek, Jamun beej, chirata, Purified Shilajit, tulsi, Methi, Kerala, Amla, Vijasagar, etc. Also, it is helpful in insulin secretion and glucose by muscles and maintains optimum blood sugar levels. It’s essential herbs manage complicated diabetes efficiently. 

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v    Benefits of Diabefix Kwath+ Tablet Combo

•    Improves Blood sugar levels
•    Improves metabolism
•    Stimulates Beta cells of the Pancreas

v  Ingredients

Diabefix Kwath

Jamun Beej 200mg, Chirata 200mg, Gudmar 120mg, Shishamphal 120mg, Vijaysar 100mg, Saptrangi 100mg, Neem 100mg, Munditika 100mg,Giloy 100mg, Shilajit 100mg, Bel Patra 100mg, Methi 100mg, Tulsi 80mg, Palak 80mg, Ghritkumari 60mg, Triphala 60mg, Haridra 60mg, Trikatu 60mg, Paneer Dodi 80mg, Har Singar 50mg, Indrajav 80mg, Kaitha Gond 70mg.

Size : 200ml

Diabefix Tablets

Fenugreek 275mg, Gudmar 200mg, Berberine Ext. 150mg, Jamun 60mg,Vijaysar 100mg, Purified Shilajeet 50mg, Bel Patra 60mg, Neem 50mg, Bhuiamla 20mg, Giloy 100mg

Size: 60 TABLETS

How to use?

Diabefix Kwath

• Two teaspoonfuls twice a day with water half an hour before the meal.

• Diabefix Kwath is a sugar management formula with a blend of ayurvedic herbs standardized to support blood sugar management by enhancing the ability of cells to convert glucose more efficiently.

Diabefix Tablets

As advised by the doctor.


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