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Avyayfit Granules+Garcinia Green Tea


Avyay Wellness brings this amazing combo of Avyayfit Granules + Garcinia Green Tea. Now, you will lose fat and become fit with the fabulous combination. Avyayfit Granules is enriched with powerful herbs which help in reducing appetite & encourage bodies to use fat stores. It works effectively in losing excess body weight and getting the body back in shape. The Avyayfit Granules + Garcinia Green Tea regulates cholesterol in your body. Many people find losing weight to be difficult, but regular use of this combination will help you get back in shape.

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v  Benefits of Avyayfit Granules + Garcinia Green Tea

•    Enhances metabolic rate
•    Improves digestion
•    Stops constipation & gastric issues

v  Ingredients 

Avyayfit Granules contains: Green Coffee Beans 75mg, Garcinia 525mg, Green Tea 500mg, Fenugreek 600mg , Gudmar 300mg, Sanay 300mg, Guggal 400mg, Dalchini 100mg,Haritaki 300mg,Raspberry ext. 400mg, Bitter Orange Powder200mg, Aloevera Powder 500mg, Cayenne Powder 100mg, Black Piper ext. 25mg


Avyayfit Garcinia Green Tea contains: Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Ext Ginger Ext., Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Asafetida, Lemongrass & other ingredients with recipients.


v  How to use?

Avyay Garcinia Green Tea

Recommended Usage: For best results takes a sachet of 1g twice daily.

 Mix the contents of each sachet with 100ml or a cup of warm water, and stir briskly for proper mixing. Consume immediately.

Avyayfit Granules

As recommended by the doctor.


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