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Avyayfit Granules+Avyayfit Gel


Become fit to fat with this amazing Avyayfit Granules + Avyayfit Gel. This is a perfect combination that is developed from natural essential oils which help to fight and melt the cellulite in all parts of your body. Avyayfit Gel reduces the spongy, dimply skin which causes distress. It will enhance your sleek and smooth look as well as tone your body. If you want to reduce the cellulite from your body, then you should definitely try out this amazing Avyayfit Granules+ Slimming Gel.

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v  Benefits of Avyayfit Granules + Avyayfit Gel

•    Improves Metabolism
•    Support Healthy weight Management
•    Removes Toxins & Fluids

v  Ingredients

Each Avyayfit Granules contains: Green Coffee Beans 75mg, Garcinia 525mg, Green Tea 500mg, Fenugreek 600mg , Gudmar 300mg, Sanay 300mg, Guggal 400mg, Dalchini 100mg,Haritaki 300mg,Raspberry ext. 400mg, Bitter Orange Powder200mg, Aloevera Powder 500mg, Cayenne Powder 100mg, Black Piper ext. 25mg

SIZE : 100GM

Avyayfit Gel contains: Ginger Lilu, Capsicum, Menthol, Green Tea, Aloevera, Lavender, Lemon, Jojoba, Almond oil, Carbomer.

SIZE : 100GM

          v  How to Use?

Avyayfit Gel

Step -1: Clean the area of application. Take reasonable quantity of gel on your fingers.

Step- 2: Apply the gel on around fatty areas of the body.

Step-3: Massage it gently with soft hands until the gel absorbed completely.

Avyayfit Granules

As recommended by the doctor.


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